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All we have must expand their business with new technology in the real world. Except for direct commercial transactions each second business person cannot communicate with customers. An online site is the best way for your company to grow. You will create your website and view it on the hosting network and with the name. There are several extensions available in Pakistan, though. PK is the only country name. .PK is the top-level country-code (ccTLD). PKNIC is the largest body of ‘pk’ names, coordinated by the Government of Pakistan. For Country Code Top Level Domain, ccTLD is a contraction. A top-level name or a country code represents a site’s character from a particular country. With the largest target country market, it will reveal and expand your brand name. All in Pakistan will make effective use of registration.

Why Used?

A URL is the first absolute thing an entity can see and interact with. A single or similar name in contrast addresses what you need and takes into account. You can also conveniently talk through your name and tell your customers about their personality and the goods you sell about your popularity region. Specific country ccTLDs depicts. It is valuable to reflect this presence on the market for the country-based sector. Through this, everyone can conveniently do business with a country name synonymous with it. In the same way, ccTLDs provide a competitive business solution to the best interest of the consumer. Moreover, with ccTLDs, any organization can highly hit its country market. .PK Domain registration in Pakistan offers your business a professional image that demonstrates your dedication to local consumers.

How to buy ccTLDs in Pakistan?

A large number of domains operating on the local market may register via affiliation and documents provided by PKNIC. Where some terms govt such as GOV,. GOB,. GOG.,. GKP.,. GOP., GOS., GOK. It’s curious. Many names such as. COM.,. NET., ORG., FAM., BIZ., Www., EDU are mentioned as well. PKNIC is the major party supported by the government to continue and organize the ‘pk’ names. As many .pk are only accessible with basic steps and some include essential documentation such as membership licenses, issuing agency letters, etc. Many companies are in your country with all facets of easy connectivity for all ccTLDs. In Pakistan, you can purchase all ccTLDs at a low price. In addition, you need to meet all ccTLD specifications and will then have access to your preferred domain and focus.

ccTLDs Types & Uses

  • (Commercial purposes enlisted in Pak)
  • .pk (Local or abroad people or purposes)
  • (Non-benefit associations enrolled or organized by the Govt of Pak)
  • (Network specialist companies with a permit from the Pak Telecommunication Authority)
  • (Educational foundations or enlisted schools in Pak)
  • (Federal services of the Govt of Pak)
  • (For branches of the Govt of Azad Jammu and Kashmir)
  • (Provincial services and branches of the Govt of Sindh)
  • (For branches of the Govt of Gilgit-Baltistan)
  • (Individual sites)
  • (General organizations)
  • (Provincial services and branches of the Govt of Balochistan)
  • (Provincial services and branches of the Govt of Punjab)
  • (Provincial services and branches of the Govt of KPK)

PKNIC Authority

PKNIC is Pakistan’s. PK domain registry. All country-based addresses are registered with their specified requirements. Anyone with a reseller business will acquire pk titles. In compliance with the required regulations, PKNIC requires all resellers to register names. PKNIC register.Pk for 2 years.

Renewal and PKNIC Cards

You will all renew PK along with your name registration. Many resellers renew all local names at affordable and low rates. You may also use renewal options via prepaid cards. This is a very basic renewal method. For 2 years PKNIC cards to update .pk will be available. That cards are based on PKNIC prepaid cards. In addition, you can use those cards codes (10 to 12 digits) to apply the credit to your balance. The entire requirement of PKNIC can be a reasonable purchase and scratching. Per card may also be signed and extended for a term of two years.

Where to buy in Pakistan?

Pk-Domain is a leading PKNIC authority reseller company. It offers simple and inexpensive registration. We empower you to host your site with our best web hosting along with our domain registration in Pakistan. With secure services and hosting, you can register for yours. PK and all ccTLDs. Everybody can also get the cheapest price for PKNIC cards and simultaneously renew them. Competitively, our costs are very low. In addition to Pk-Domain, various plugins and services have been built with low costs and full 24/7 client support.


Any country in the world forced its own Country Code regional name for its departments and grants the possibility to access the country’s country-code domain for its official site. Any new name that is classified under .pk is controlled in Pakistan. These fields add your name to your country globally. Consequently, Country based addresses refer to your business name and preview in an efficient way. Furthermore, It describes business behavior in a country based market. Within Pakistan, this URL hits the business clients of their own country. Similarly, Pk-Domain refers to the best and reliable registration. It meets all customer requirements as per need and requirement.

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