Unable to View Website

I was able to view my website, can send email or able to login to cpanel but currently unable to do any thing, even not able to view my website. It seems that server is down.

unable to view site

Most of the time it is not true when you have hosted your website with us, Why?

Find below how it happened and why you lost access to your website.

As we are very conscious about our server’ security and client’s website to save from any kind of injection so we have taken all the security measures and implemented as more as precautionary measures we can take.

We have installed firewalls in our all server as one of preventive measures for making our server secure. One of functionality offered by this firewall is to restrict any user from doing multiple wrong login attempts to avoid brute force attack.

So whenever one will try to login with wrong credentials “username and password” and will do the same for 3 time consecutively, firewall will automatically block that user to view anything available on the server. then that user will not be able to view login page, unable to view website, will not be able to send email as his/her IP which is assigned on the modem will get black listed in our server’s firewall.

How i can avoid this situation?

  1. Never try to insert wrong user name or password for any password protected area like webmail, cPanel, Outlook, website admin, and wordpress admin etc for more than three times. (If you do not have correct credentials, send us an email or create a ticket for resetting credentials.)
  2. There are different software like Outlook which kept on checking for email connectivity after few minutes so you should check your email password, settings or credentials you have saved whether those are correct or wrong because upon each check, that software will try to t auto connect with server so if your updated credentials are wrong, upon 3 auto wrong login attempts, you will not be able to login or view your website.

Can i be exempted from this restriction?

We are sorry but this is not possible because we enforced this check for your as well as other user hosted in the same server.

Yes, if you have statci IP address on your modem but not the dynamic then you can provide us your static IP, we will update your IP in white list of server’s firewall.

What if i get locked?

If you get yourself locked due to wrong login attempts or you are unable to login to password protected area like cPanel or you are unable to view your website then first of all verify whether it is due to wrong login attempts or the other reasons. You can confirm it by checking your website through any proxy website like http://proxy.move.pk/. If you will be able to view your website through proxy then you are absolutley locked out due to wrong login attempts or your Router/Modem IP is black listed in server’s firewall.

If you are unable to view your website even in proxy then contact us because issue is a different one but if you will be able to browse your website in proxy then try below.

  1. Restart your internet Device/Modem as well as your systems/laptops/mobiles (By restarting your modem, you will get a new IP on your modem which will not be black listed in server’s firewall)
  2. If you have multiple system which has the same internet connection and you are using outlook on some or all of them for accessing emails belong to your website hosted on our server then you are advised to turn outlook off on all systems. After restarting your internet modem, login to cPanel and reset your passwords for all email addresses you have configured on all devices. then update those passwords in systems one by one.
  3. If you are sure that you are blocked by server due to wrong login attempts, request us for new credentials through your registered email ID or create a ticket.
  4. If you are still unable to view your website or unable to login to password protected areas then go to chrome browser and in search “what is my IP”, You will get an IP like Provide that ip to us so that we can update it in server’s firewall is white listed. Keep in mind, you will keep the access to your all features for that time till restarting the modem again by all means even if you will do wrong login attempts.

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