Essential Features Of Web Hosting

web hosting features

Hosting Internet service is a way that allows access to the website to the World Wide Web. Any sites that would like to provide access to would be installed on a server. A server can refer to software or software that supports the delivery of information via the Internet. Many companies’ customers that own or lease space from the site-server. There are several firms in Pakistan to choose from and to find the best packages. The prices and services available for hosting can vary: amounts of disk space and storage, data transfers, various domains and e-mail, privacy and security settings, site design and marketing software, technical support. Many companies provide web hosting in Pakistan with best and reliable services.

  • Disk Space
  • Bandwidth
  • Operating System
  • Control Panel
  • Domain Name
  • Uptime Performance
  • IP Addresses
  • Email Accounts
  • Security
  • Customer Support

Disk Space

This service requires a storage/disk capacity quota that is rentable on a cloud. All material from the pages, any image or other media content, all files available for download, and all space for emails can be included. The storage volume covers the entire size of the pages. With various files created by the server and/or application that records the visitors to the site and pages they click on, additional space may be needed. People may select a kit with extra disk space to include additional objects, images, videos, or files that require more storage space for the download.


Data transmission is the division of traffic where the sum of data transferred monthly. Minus the data transmission distributed on a monthly basis can not be viewed on a site. When you reach the allotted cap, you can charge or even shutdown / down the site temporarily. Select a package that will require extra traffic and information more than required to transmit data. Bandwidth is the sum of information that can be transferred at once.

Operating System

A framework is a program system that handles and distributes the resources of the application. It prioritizes software and device programs and guarantees that the output of apps on the site is not compromised with other apps. Your computer would obviously not operate without an operating system. There are several different types of operating systems, but the two most common plans are Windows or Linux. It is the framework that helps the server to run applications and programs. The first decision you must make when purchasing this is what operating system best suits your needs.

Control Panel

In this world, the control panel is the most important aspect, as the only control panel is responsible for communicating with the user and the server management system. Everyone can conveniently see and track their channel via the control panel. There are several different types of control panels that handle the server easily. Through the use of the operating system, we will explain control panels. For this case you should choose the Plesk, which helps you to deal with a Windows operating system for your account, even, if Linux has a device running, then you will be using Cpanel interfaces to handle and administer the hosts Each running system operates with a different level of control, due to its functionality.

Domain Name

A domain name is a first and only thing that tells the audience and end-user the site and company behavior. Without the domain name, nobody will work on a site. The domain name and hosting service plays a very significant role in all circumstances for the creation of a website. The strongest and clear link between the company and end-users can be made with a successful domain name. The name of the domain is a special World Wide name and address. Domain Registration Pakistan is the act of acquiring a domain on a site for a person or corporation. When the domain registration is complete, it is usually one year that the name of the domain is licensed and used for a specified time. Before the register expires, domain owners must renew their domain names before the domain returns to be available for transfer to the general public.

Uptime Performance

It is one of the secure hosting provider’s most critical apps. Guaranteed uptime means that the site should be open to visitors at least 99.9 percent. This coverage will include network uptime, the uptime of computers, servers, and application uptimes as well as 24/7 support.

IP Address

The site’s physical address, or better known as IP address, shows the location of the server host and domain within the internet on other devices. A dedicated IP address means that one domain is the only place to use a specific IP address number on the internet. Shared IP Address ensures that hundreds of sites with a similar IP address will use one domain. Linked IP addresses make running and maintaining servers simpler for hosting firms, and deliver it at a lower cost. The negative side of this feature is whether spamming or scamming on other sites that share an IP address is not permitted or blacklisted, the behavior on other pages that use the same domain directly affects. The sites impacted will be excluded from the search engines, and Internet service providers ( ISP) will block their emails.

Emails Facility

An email facility offers the best and interactive way between the client and the host company. Email provides both people and companies with a number of apps. Several services available include personalized inbox, unrestricted storage, cell phone accessible mail’s, calendar alerts, text delivery, auto-responders, spam, phone, and email software filters. A business can render mail addresses of its workers by way of the e-mail program. You can also e-mail  as a sales team. You can make a mail between your company employees as per department allocation it means you can make like sale, info, and other many other names.


Secure infrastructure is the first priority for hosting a site with secure resources. Customers cannot afford his site go down and interrupt because of DDoS attacks and viruses. With these services, All companies provide free and paid secure socket layer (SSL) support and firewalls. Anyone can use this facility with all packages of servers.

Pk-Domain Services

In Pakistan, Pk-Domain is an authentic company for all kinds of services. All facilities are related to the mentioned features. They have different kinds of packages as per customer needs and demand. All our country anyone can avail of low-cost services. Pk-Domain has shared plans, VPS, and dedicated servers. Just with one click, you can get a screenshot of the best web hosting features. With 24/7 customer support, all clients can troubleshoot his all queries.


Consequently, all features of a server play an important role to run a website. With these functionalities, No one can run his site on the internet. All services provider provides these features at a cheap cost price. Likewise, Pk-Domain is the best and reliable company for host and upload your site into the internet with all the above adaptabilities.

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