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Windows hosting is being established step by step and its design and functionality are enhancing this form of hosting. The most popular service commonly used by both large and small businesses in this type. You can run and PHP-based programs on this type. It uses Windows as the operating system of the clients and includes that applications unique to the server, including ASP.NET, Microsoft Access clients, and Microsoft SQL server (MSsql). Everyone can handle and control the server via the Plesk interface after this OS connection through RDP. Most firms in Pakistan offer moderate reliable services. This is one of the leading operating systems for web uploading along with Linux. Windows hosting in Pakistan has now offered various advantages according to the needs and specifications of the IT industry.

  • What’s Hosting?
  • Description
  • Advantages
  • Compatability
  • Control Panel
  • Types
  • Who is the best provider in Pakistan?
  • Conclusion

Hosting Define

The word ” Hosting” typically refers to the server which hosts your website or the hosting company which lent you the server space. Internet servers are web sites representing software or devices. The following pages are stored on the file. Every host has an IP address. The web server has a related domain name. This domain name connects the web-server to the Internet. Website hosting providers use their servers and can rent you space to house the website. Similarly, All servers are data-center based. The data center typically refers to the server-housing building. A data center may be a room, house, or large building fitted with backup or back-up electricity, backup connections to data transmission, environmental checks, for example. Fire alarm and protection systems, air conditioning, and all connected systems.


All kinds of web hosting based on an OS that is responsible for the CPU running. The window is the operating system that is used by many providers as per customers’ needs and demands those with more sophisticated sites usually require languages that will better suit the Windows server, such as Perl, ASP, PHP, etc. Every business wants to show its face online. Managers use their energy and time to maintain and manage dynamic sites for this. This comes to the top and stack most organizations in this way. Your site is known as the hosting via the Windows OS ( operating system).


This hosting environment gives the. NET platform to websites that need to run apps built on the. NET framework or have functionalities on the Visual Basic site. Active Database Pages (.ASP) and other client pages are compliant with the Windows Server operating system. It makes it simpler if the site is located under this hosting environment, to build apps, web features, etc. Microsoft periodically delivers updates to the operating system. It allows Windows to hold an advantage as the modified releases load up the web. Easily enabled with a single button, most popular apps like Drupal, PhpBB, Joomla can be used. There is no cPanel but Plesk makes site state, change settings easy to remember. In fact, all can create and maintains email addresses and more things.


Windows Server is a Microsoft Corporation application system. By comparison, this Server provides a UNIX-based interface for quick control. The Web-Hosting environment for Windows Server supports essential Web-programming languages and databases including PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, and MS SQL.

Control Panel

Everybody in Pakistan will monitor and control their server via Plesk interfaces. The Control board defines configurations through clear interfaces, so any hosting user will view the server look of their website through means of the control panel without any difficulty. We have to carry out work in the wake of the OS. The key Plesk GUI would allow you to operate on your windows server in the same way in OS. Each client can access its site record and operate on it without a great deal of effort with the use of a control panel, using its database, using RAM, bandwidth, and much other functionality.

Hosting types

This provides simple and advanced services that allow you to access your site easily. The first is the Shared package, with the most cost-efficient available tools for uploading and running the site. It delivers easy and advanced skills in data processing. When you want to run a basic platform it would be the ideal choice. Most online services use this feature to operate and create corporations’ sites. By comparison, the second alternative to handle heavy-duty sites is the VPS hosting Pakistan. Virtual Private Server offers a centralized virtual machine. Furthermore, the other is also professional adaptability, where the customer can access a specialized site that is directly connected to large organizations that run companies.

Who is the best Provider?

Many companies are offering these services in this country but Pk-Domain is the highly preferred choice for web hosting in Pakistan. They allow all users to choose and select reliable features. You don’t have to worry about security on your site, our team is there to help you grow. Our organization knows that users face challenges in multiple ways and so our staff has been able to connect respectfully and welcoming. We deliver firewalls, intrusion detection, web applications defense, DDoS protection, and malware. We have all SSL, Dhcp, and Spam filtering licenses.


Consequently, It is also the easiest means of managing and interacting with all types. Both of these resources are compatible with Pk-Domain. Currently, they run all kinds of small and high-level businesses type facilities. All services are low-cost affordable. Similarly, we have full recovery and management support for all servers. This service gives all users a great deal of RDP access and easy device management experience.

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